The New Year is here and with it comes predictions about which designs and décor will most resonate with homeowners. Here are two design elements forecast to be home runs.

Room Dividers

The more things change the more they stay the same. Room dividers used to be a thing of the ‘80s, especially in loft-style dwellings and efficiencies. These movable partitions were used to carve out spaces for things like changing clothes, or providing some level of impromptu privacy. The ‘80s also gave us glass bricks, which helped divide interior spaces while still allowing light to shine through.

While glass bricks may not return to style anytime soon, the folks over at Etsy and Pinterest say room dividers will play a more prominent role in home décor this year. As families increasingly seek to create separate zones inside their homes for things like office workspaces, creative spaces, and exercise areas, room dividers will become more and more handy. In 2020, Etsy experienced a 134-percent increase in site searches for “room dividers,” according to—a website dedicated to home, health, and consumer-related topics.

Earth Tones

Earth tones, which include grays, warm beiges, browns, taupe, and greige—a combination of grey and beige—will continue to color home interiors into 2021 after a rise in popularity among homeowners last year, according to design experts at, a site that centers on home design and renovation. If you’ve got plans to paint a room or two in your home you might consider using a beige or greige instead of a stark white.

Painting your walls with neutral colors like beige, gray, and greige can also benefit you down the road should you decide to put your home on the market. These colors may appeal to a majority of buyers and remove a hurdle between you and a sale. Dramatic or overly-specific pigments could be a miss with house hunters, and they may see it as more work for them if they decided to buy your home.

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