If you’re like many people selling a condo in Phoenix, Scottsdale or elsewhere in Central Arizona, your REALTOR® has probably already talked to you about how important home staging is – but what about the kitchen? Check out these three tips you can use to stage your condo’s kitchen to help sell your home.

3 Kitchen Staging Tips You Can Use Right Now to Sell Your Condo Fast

Check out these three kitchen staging tips you can use to help your REALTOR sell your condo fast (and at the right price). Your agent will have other tips you can use, but these will get you started:

  1. Clean and declutter every inch of the space
  2. Paint your ceiling white
  3. Add a few splashes of visual appeal

Here’s a closer look at each.

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip - Clean and Declutter

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip #1: Clean and declutter every inch of the space

If your kitchen is a little bit on the cozy side, it’s in your best interest to clean and declutter every corner. Buyers want to see open spaces, and nothing cramps a kitchen quite like clutter does. Buyers can (and often do) open all the cabinets and drawers, so you want them all to look spacious.

Check out these tips that can make your kitchen look roomier than it actually is:

  • Remove everything from the cupboards, cabinets, drawers and pantry that you haven’t used in the past three months.
  • Take all the appliances, including the toaster, off your counter.
  • Organize boxes and cans, and group like items together.

Buyers also want to see kitchens that are easy to maintain. When yours is spotless, you’re selling more than a condo – you’re selling the lifestyle that buyers want. It may be a good idea to call in a professional cleaning team for a once-over on your entire condo; that way, you only have to maintain what they’ve done until your condo sells.

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip - Paint the Ceiling White

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip #2: Paint your ceiling white

If it’s been a while since your kitchen has seen the business end of a paintbrush, now may be the right time for you to hire a professional painter. (Or, if you prefer, you can DIY a kitchen paint job – just make sure you read up on how to do it properly.)

In small kitchens, light and bright ceilings draw the eye upward. That’ll make your space feel a little larger when buyers come through for tours.

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip - Visual Appeal

Condo Kitchen Staging Tip #3: Add a few splashes of visual appeal

There are very few circumstances that call for anything on the countertops in a kitchen when a home is on the market – but needing visual appeal is one of them. Think about adding a fruit basket, a vase of fresh flowers, a recipe book on a stand or even a bright tea kettle on the stove. You can get creative and choose seasonal elements, too, such as a decorative jar with cinnamon sticks for fall, a live plant on the windowsill or even fresh-baked holiday cookies to entice buyers.

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