The inventory of available homes in ZIP code 85086—Tramonto, which encompasses the area just north of the Phoenix Sonoran Desert preserve and just west of Cave Creek and Carefree—is extremely low right now.

That’s great news for sellers.

Typically, a low inventory means that sellers are able to sell their homes more quickly and for more money. It’s good for buyers, too, because mortgage rates are still extremely low; that means they can get great deals on homes for sale in 85086 and the surrounding communities.

What Does Low Inventory Mean for Sellers?

For sellers in the 85086 ZIP code, low inventory means you don’t have much competition on the Tramonto real estate market. More buyers could end up passing through your door—and those who are interested could even end up competing for it.

While it’s not a guarantee, typically a low inventory means good things for a seller. If you’ve been considering selling your home in Tramonto, call us as soon as possible so we can discuss your options.

About Your Asking Price During Low-Inventory Periods

Statistically, you’re more likely to get your asking price when there are fewer homes on the market. The high competition may mean that the right buyers will have a chance to see your home and will want to pay the asking price—particularly if they know you may end up selling it to someone else quickly.

In many cases, sellers have the upper hand when it comes to negotiation on a low-inventory market, as well. Because buyers don’t have as many options as they do on a saturated market, talk to your real estate agent about sticking to your asking price when offers begin to come in; it’s always a good idea to rely on your agent’s negotiating expertise. Remember, your agent is there to ensure you get the most money for your home and that you sell it as quickly as possible.

Are You Selling a Home in Tramonto?

If you’re selling a home in Tramonto or the surrounding communities, we’d love to help you.

Call us at 602-332-6188. In the meantime, you can see what else is on the market by looking at: